Easily integrate across existing systems.

ISONAS provides an access control solution that enables effortless integration with your existing systems – or new ones over time. When you switch to our "pure IP" system, the TCP/IP interface works with your existing topography, and delivers a rich command set that provides a wide range of features across the paired system. From video management systems, to physical security information systems, to time accounting and management systems, to Microsoft Active Directory, our easy-to-install technology and easy-to-understand process eliminates any need for re-training so that you’re ready to go from day one.

Here's how ISONAS provides easy integration across systems:

Access Control Software

The ISONAS open platform offers third party access control software integrations giving customers choice in their software solutions. Customers can now take advantage of the Pure IP hardware benefits that only our solution can provide, a simple installation for a lower cost. This choice frees customers from proprietary closed systems that are expensive and provide limited solutions. This puts ISONAS hardware in the position to become the de facto standard for access control hardware in the industry.    Join the Pure IP™ revolution and let ISONAS's open platform allow you to create an IP ecosystem for the future.

**All of our integration partners have been certified with our current hardware models (RC-03, RC-04 and IP-Bridge).  We do not recommend or advise that RC-02's are used with any integration partner.

Partnering with:

Video Management Systems

Our approach to integration is revolutionary for the industry. Until recently access control systems were viewed as the primary command and control for an integrated video management systems and access control. Our integrated solutions provide users with a single, powerful interface for controlling doors and managing alarms and events. The single interface allows for a quick adoption because training is much quicker and simpler since we integrate into the software employees are already trained to use.

Some of the companies we work with:

Badge Printing Systems

With the ISONAS Open Platform philosophy, we look for the best partners in the market to offer our customers top notch solutions.  With a direct badge printing software integration, customers can simply design, manage and issue credentials anywhere at any time from a single or multiple databases.

Microsoft Active Directory

From one to multiple locations, our system easily integrates with Microsoft Active Directory, enabling Human Resource teams to mange the credentials of all employees, or designate specific departments with the ability to do so themselves.

Physical Security Information Systems (PSIM)

We simplify integration by allowing a user to have a central command and control that monitors many building systems from a common interface. Our monitored systems can accommodate a wide range of products including: intrusion systems, fire alarms, multiple video systems, perimeter protection, intercom systems, emergency notification systems, and many more.

Time Accounting and Management Systems

In order to help you track employee attendance and hours automatically, we enable your system to interface with a variety of time accounting systems commonly available.

Point of Sale (POS)

Our open, flexible software platform and TCP/IP interface allows POS systems to be customized to communicate directly with the ISONAS system. If a customer renews their membership with your point of sale system, that can create a permission for that customer to enter the gym, tanning salon etc.