I already have a panel-based system installed on some doors, but am considering IP access control for new doors. Can ISONAS handle this?

Yes, with the IP Bridge product, ISONAS has the ability to take your existing system, replace panels with the IP Bridge and then expand to new doors or add a new building to the existing system with our PowerNet Reader.

What makes “Pure IP” better than a panel-based system?

Pure IP leverages your existing network connection, eliminating the need for complicated wiring, cumbersome panels at every door and costly installation and maintenance.

What types of companies use ISONAS access control?

Companies have chosen ISONAS because it fulfills their need for access control allows them to stay within budget and utilizes their existing network. Also companies that chose ISONAS have decision makers that believe IP technology is the future and want flexibility as their needs change.

Can I power the reader and the lock strike using POE?

Yes, the PowerNet supplies .6 amps (600milliamps) at 12 volts of power for the lock.

What kind of credentials do you support?

All ISONAS proprietary credentials, HID Proximity cards, Smart cards and PIV credentials.

Can you read multiple formats (HID Cards)

Yes, we also read HID credentials.

Is the ISONAS solution less secure than a panel-based system?

No, it is actually more secure. There are a few ways to ensure the security of the ISONAS system. 

  1. For exterior, doors an exterior door kit (EDK) ensures lock wires are not exposed to the outside world and prevent “hot wiring.” [link to EDK article]
  2. The reader has a 2-way tamper communication, between the reader and the server, if either of these is compromised, the system will not allow entry and will create an alarm. 
  3. The third set it to setup secured connection between the reader and the server to eliminate spoofing – initiate 256 bit encryption. 
  4. Finally, the data on the reader is also encrypted and compiled so data cannot be pulled from the reader itself.
With Ethernet wiring directly at the door, my network is exposed to the outside world, how do I protect the network from outside access?

The first step is to utilize a managed switch that supports scripting and to build business rules around devices that are IP/MAC addressing that is static or DHCP. This will create one way communication rules and allow the server to shut down the edge device based on the rules.

Why is ISONAS less expensive?

Our simplicity of install requires less wiring and labor, and software with no licensing fee is included. We also have web-based, self-paced training that is FREE!

What other systems does ISONAS integrate with?

ISONAS’ flexible TCP/IP interface allows our software to integrate easily with any 3rd party system. Some examples, Video Management Systems, Point of Sale Systems, Time Accounting Systems, Physical Security Management Systems, and Biometric Devices.

How many readers can be used and how many users can be on a system?

The ISONAS solution can support an unlimited number of reader-controllers and users on a system, limited only by the host PC’s memory, CPU, and hard drive capabilities. A host that is properly sized for its operating system can support an installation with hundreds of doors.

How is access control protected if the network goes down?

In case of an emergency, the door readers automatically switch to the “stand-alone mode” and continue to function normally until network service is restored.

Does the ISONAS system operate elevators?

Yes, our system has the ability to operate elevators. ISONAS can support multiple elevators on more than 250 floors for different levels of authority and time schedules. Click here for our article on elevator controls. [Link to KBA – Elevators]

Is anything required in addition to the Door Readers?

Yes, to complete an access system you will need locking devices, lock power and any door input device, which directly connects to our reader controllers.

Do I have to retrain my people on new software?

No, ISONAS easily integrates with existing systems, from video management to many others.

Where can I purchase ISONAS Products?

Please email or call sales: 800-581-0083