Competitive Comparison

Don’t just secure your organization. Secure your bottom line.

With our “Pure IP” to-the-door technology, ISONAS can help you reduce equipment, complexity and time to install – and help you save big on your total cost of ownership so that your budget goes farther.

See how the ISONAS solution compares to traditional access control systems:

Category Description Traditional Panel IP Enabled Panel ISONAS Pure IP
Hardware Door Access Control Panel $$$ $$$ NONE
Hardware Proximity Card/Smart Card Reader $ $ $$$
Hardware Electric Door Lock $ $ $
Power Supplies PoE Switch     $$
Power Supplies Door Controller Power Supply $$$ NONE NONE
Power Supplies Door Transformer for Power Supply $ NONE NONE
Power Supplies I/O Power Supply $$ $$ NONE
Power Supplies I/O Power Supply Transformer $$ $$ NONE
Wiring Network(Cat 5) NONE $ $
Wiring Composite(Building)  $$$ $$$ NONE
Software Licenses $$$$ $$$$ $-$$
  Pure Access Cloud     $
  Pure Access Manager     $$
Software Computer Work Station NONE $$ $$
  Pure Access Cloud     NONE
  Pure Access Manager     $$
Software Hardwired Programming Station $$$ NONE NONE
Training   $$$$ $$$$ Free
Labor   $$$$ $$$ $

ISONAS is less expensive, because there is less hardware to purchase, no software infrastructure required with a cloud-based environment, and it takes less time to install.