Order a Demo Unit

ISONAS Certified Integrator Demo Program

Thank you for your interest in the ISONAS Certified Integrator Demo Program. Our Pure IP™ Reader-Controller and our Pure IP IP Bridge 2.0 demo units are both available for purchase at below reseller pricing (NFR) for certification training, presentations and personal installations. Check the box(es) below for the equipment you would like to order and submit back to your Regional Account Executive or sales@isonas.com. For more information on becoming a certified integrator, check out our website http://isonas.com/online-training/. Check the box for the equipment you would like included in your demo.

  1. Pure IP™ RC-04-PRX-WK reader-controller
  2. Door Lock LED
  3. Request to Exit Button (REX)
  4. Door Sensor Button
  5. Power over Ethernet Injector
  6. Ethernet and Crossover Cables
  7. (1) year demo license of Pure Access
  8. Three ISONAS Keyfobs
  9. Purchase Price $345.00

  1. 2 Door Pure IP IP Bridge 2.0
  2. Purchase Price $680.00