ISONAS Shares Thoughts In SSN 2017 Access Control Source Book

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Melissa Stenger

We encourage you to download the Source Book in its entirety at this link Security Systems News  2017 Access Control Source Book.  Of particular interest to us are the insights shared by Melissa Stenger, , VP of product management and marketing, ISONAS Inc. 

Access control in the cloud  is powering the future of mobile access, big data, AI and IoT.  Paul Ragusa  writes that “On the residential side of security, the idea of using your phone to disarm your alarm, open your door or just check on things remotely has not only become expected today but demanded, as both manufacturers and dealers have embraced this new wireless world we are all living in. But on the commercial side of the business, especially within access control, that same kind of convenience, ease of use and access to resources and data at your fingertips is not quite there yet, although conversations with some leading cloud providers in this area provide both hope and tempered excitement for the future of access control in the cloud.”

“As cloud proliferates in the residential markets, it will really start to push things in the commercial piece,” added Melissa Stenger, VP of product management and marketing, ISONAS Inc., an access control company that designs and manufactures an IP-to-the-door cloud-based solution. “We are really taking the end user’s perspective around how we develop product so that they have the same experience from their personal lives all the way into their professional.”

Stenger agrees that more and more people are getting into the cloud business. “All of this increased interest and new entrants in the cloud speaks to what end users want—a platform that is easy to use, has low cost of entry—while integrators want a platform that gets them into a recurring revenue model,” she said. “What is driving a lot of that is you are seeing the price of hardware, specifically cameras, go to a commodity, so integrators are starting to differentiate themselves with the services they provide, and the cloud allows them to do that in a much more maintainable and manageable way; they can manage everything centrally for all of their customers and provide a lot of different services that they couldn’t by just competing on a hardware price or an install price.” As the cloud becomes more widely adopted within security, she said, integrators are going to have to shift their traditional sales approach to more of a managed services model.

“We will continue to develop features in the cloud that make it easier from an end user perspective, but also empower our integrators to have the tools they need from a central management perspective, from firmware updates to general ability to managing things without having to roll a truck to a site—really allow them to take advantage of that managed services model,” said Stenger.

Ragusa  continues by explaining that, “The cloud is also changing the way end users look at access control, with many embracing mobile access and credentialing.”  Stenger agrees, noting that from a mobile credentialing perspective, “we have seen a big jump since we launched that in March,” she said. “And the adoption of that is probably one of the key drivers to why people go with our hardware solution, because they want to get rid of the physical card and have everything at their fingertips.”

Ragusa points out that “another selling point for the cloud is its inherent cybersecurity advantages over on-premise systems.”  Stenger said that having providers such as Amazon Web Services run the cloud provides a certain level of trust and comfort for customers. “[AWS] basically built their business out of hosting and they are really great at it and people feel comfortable with it, which shows in that 90-10 split of cloud to on-premises ratio we see with our customers.”

Ragusa states that, in addition to providing cybersecurity advantages, the cloud also provides great potential for leveraging emerging technologies. 

This is particularly true for ISONAS. They are already known for having a culture of entrepreneurs that move quickly and are fully focused on their customer.  This culture drives their continual search for emerging technologies  that can provide the most for their customers.  This is very clearly seen in their powerful cloud-based software solution, Pure Access, and the next evolution in IP access control hardware with the RC-04. ISONAS will continue to expand and deliver the simplest and most flexible solutions in the access control market and take Pure IP™ access control to the next level. For further information, visit