ISONAS IP Access Control Integrates With Milestone XProtect

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Let's dive one step deeper and show you what an interface with Milestone XProtect looks like and give you an idea of how you can roll access control into your system.  

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So you can see that the interface between ISONAS and Milestone is very robust and it gives the ability to see both video and access through the same platform.

Major takeway:  if you love your VMS, keep it.  We have learned over 10 years, that IP enabled cameras give us better quality, better functionality than analog ever could. 

Video management systems like Milestone give us a better understanding of our video data that we didn't have before.  So, once again, if you love your VMS, keep it.

We also have the ability to leverage your network.  Extending your IP access control into an IP network infrastructure allows you to use the assets you already have.  Use the backup power supplies you already have.  Leverage the infrastructure you already have in place.

ISONAS is a full featured access control system. Everything you would expect from an access control system from door groups, people groups, time schedule to Microsoft Active Directory connection to anti-passback, to biometric to all these things you expect and need to feed into a full access control system. 

It's there, and it's there with Milestone as your front end.  The pure IP architecture saves a lot of money.  It mainly saves 30-40% because you don't have to put electricity at every access point.  You don't have as much drywall work.  You can simply drop the low voltage cable and set up your IP architecture for access control the same way you did for cameras.

You're going to put it in faster at a significantly lower cost.  It allows you to grow flexibly.  So when we look at large installs, over many buildings, with 1000's of camera locations, you can pair that camera with the access points as your budget allows you to do it.

When you take the ISONAS pure IP access platform and you combine it with the power of the Milestone XProtect software package, you got an IP solution that allows IP access control to function the way that IP cameras have functioned.

Now we are at the tipping point. 

It is an exciting time in our business and we would love to talk with you directly, so feel free to reach out by email or call.  We would love to help you work through the projects that you are thinking about.

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