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ISONAS Ferris WheelMost people think that an Engineer’s brain has difficulties understanding, comprehending, and creating art.  We here at ISONAS disagree… We believe that even mathematical equations comprised of simple 1’s and 0’s can sometimes manifest themselves into beautiful masterpieces.  As you may already know, we here at ISONAS love to test the capabilities of our products.  We do this to ensure that they are able to operate under any circumstances, no matter how unrealistic they may be.  

ISONAS Ferris Wheel Center SectionRecently we came across a problem, how can we load test multiple environments of Reader Controllers based on card swipes?  The solution to our problem came with the combination of an engineering mindset and the utilization of a popular children’s toy called Kinex.  Through the power of a youthful mindset and the sheer determination to really put our products to the test, we constructed a giant Kinex Ferris wheel platform that is a full time QUALITY CONTROL MACHINE!

For those who say that artistic merit does not resonate with engineers, think again.  Not only does this project look cool, it serves a practical, real-world purpose; ensuring that every ISONAS product is able to take on an unrealistic load of traffic at any given time.  Equipped with 50 credentials and 30 Reader Controllers, the ISONAS ferris wheel is able to scan 4,000 credential swipes against ISONAS hardware per minute.  At this rate, each Reader Controller has a credential scanned every 0.82 seconds.  To give some perspective, even the most active companies only reach about 150 credential swipes per minute on their busiest day… It can be seen that this unique construction of Kinex building blocks allows ISONAS to be certain that our products and the integrations we work with are able to handle excessive amounts of traffic without a system failure.  The huge construction also offers extra space for scalability, opening the door for more impressive load tests to come in the future.  

Despite being a very untraditional method to apply credential presentations, the ISONAS Ferris wheel offers powerful insight into problems that may arise during high volumes of traffic.  This system allows us to find and identify problems within the many software integrations that ISONAS products are compatible with.  With this knowledge, we can take necessary steps to fully ensure that our products and solutions are fully optimized to take on the load that any ISONAS customer requires.

ISONAS Ferris Wheel Center Section