ISONAS Announces New Access Control Integration with Video Insight from Panasonic

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ISONAS, a leading Pure IP access control system manufacturer and part of the Allegion family of brands, today announced its newest integration with the ISONAS Pure Access software solution and Panasonic’s Video Insight 7 (V17).

ISONAS and Video Insight VMS have a long history of building powerful solutions that help customers seamlessly connect their access control and video management systems.  ISONAS’s industry-leading software, Pure Access, is a cloud-based access control software application that provides users the ability to manage their access control from anywhere at any time, on any device. The Video Insight VMS software is fully integrated to Pure Access, uniting access control and video into one powerful security solution.

The combined power of network-based, Pure IP, panel-less access control technology and IP video management software provides a unified, efficient solution. From one centralized interface, users control both their video cameras and access control system with real-time monitoring and video verification. Customers can receive instant alarms and event notifications via email or live notifications on the dashboard, and the comprehensive integrations allows users to respond to incidents by locking and unlocking doors or triggering a full system lockdown. A truly superior security experience is created by matching the live events to a comprehensive database of recorded video and access to the event, creating a safer environment for all.  

This completely integrated system fits within a customer’s existing IP video infrastructure and combines the power of network-based Pure IP panel-less access control technology and IP video management software as a unified, efficient solution,” states Melissa Stenger, vice president of product management & marketing at ISONAS. “We are extremely excited to launch this new integration with Video Insight and offer our customers an open platform that gives them choice in their security solutions.”

Video is a critical supplement for operators working with physical security and access control in real time, including assessment of incidents or identification of a person. "We are excited about the integration of VI7 with ISONAS. Unifying ISONAS with the Video Insight VMS opens up a whole new set of features, which greatly complement both platforms,” said Jason Garcia, integrations manager, Panasonic Security Solutions. "

As our world continues to change, there is a need to see events that occur as well as control how they happen. Now that there is an installed base of IP architecture, users expect their access control to operate at the edge and eliminate the need for separate power drops, just like their cameras.  The ISONAS Pure IP access control meets all of these customer demands and continues to push access control integration to the next level. ISONAS and Video Insight have combined forces to help customers throughout the world transition to the Pure IP revolution with a single-interface video management and access control solution.  To see more about this powerful integration and learn how it can help meet your customers’ needs, visit

Since 1999, ISONAS has been revolutionizing access control with one simple solution and is today’s leading manufacturer of Pure IP Access Control hardware. When paired with their industry-leading cloud hosted software solutions or third-party full-featured access control software, a complete access control platform is formed.  An ISONAS system provides an ideal product solution for securing facilities while reducing costs and providing all of the advantages that Pure IP technology brings to the door.  ISONAS is based in the global technology hub of Boulder, Colo., and has one goal: to change the global access control market by providing a product solution that is secure, reliable, trusted and more technologically advanced than anything before. Today, the company is realizing that vision with the ISONAS solution installed globally in over 30 countries in a wide variety of vertical markets. ISONAS has been recognized as one of Boulder County’s fastest growing companies.

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