ISONAS Announces DBCrystal and EasyWeb 2015 End of Life

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With the introduction of the Pure Access software, our legacy software DBCrystal Matrix and EasyWeb 2015, have come to their end of life.   These products will no longer be available for new installs starting April 1, 2017.  We will continue to support this product through March 31, 2018 for certified integrators and end users with Legacy Support Agreements.  Certified integrators will be required to pay for DB Crystal and EasyWeb 2015 support after October 1, 2017. If you have a support agreement in place we will continue to honor it until its expiration or March 31, 2018.

All new installations or registrations and all existing sites will need to upgrade to Pure Access Cloud, Pure Access Manager or one of our integrated software partners to continue to receive support.  The RC-03, RC-04, and IP Bridge hardware will all migrate to the new software platforms.

Key Dates

  • April 1, 2017         No new installs of DB Crystal or EasyWeb 2015
  • October 1, 2017   End of no-charge support for certified integrators.  All support will require a specific Legacy Product Support contract vaild through March 31,2018.
  • March 31, 2018    End of technical support for DB Crystal and EasyWeb 2015
Please contact us to discuss options for your site at

Software Options
ISONAS is dedicated to a smooth transition to Pure Access Cloud,  Pure Access Manager or one of our integrated, third party access control software partners and will work to ensure a pain free process. Our product road map calls for all software product enhancements to be focused on these three platforms. Only supported hardware can be transitioned to new software.  
*Please note: As of June 2015, we no longer support Crystal Matrix and EasyWeb.

Supported Hardware 
•   RC-03 reader-controllers
•   RC-04 reader-controllers
•   IP-Bridge, both 2 and 3 door configurations
•   All existing credential formats
*Please note:  As of June 2015, we no longer support PRC, RC-01 and RC-02 models.

If your hardware is not supported, a hardware upgrade will be required to connect to the new software platforms.  ISONAS offers an upgrade program with discounted hardware.

The RC-03 reader-controller will continue to be compatible with Pure Access and our integrated partners, however, all new feature and function development will be focused on the RC-04 platform.  

Our team is available to assist you with this upgrade to ensure a smooth transition.  Feel free to reach out to our sales team at or 800.581.0083 to learn more about upgrade programs and product recommendations for your system.  

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