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Testimonials / What Our Clients Say

  • ISONAS was lower in cost by about 20% and even though we could have had an integrated monitoring and access control system with ADT, it was not as robust as the ISONAS access control platform.
    Henry Peters, IT Director, Marwood Metal Fabrication Ltd.
  • We were particularly attracted to the ISONAS reader’s one-wire installation and its use of PoE. We liked the ability to be able to expand a door at a time without control panels or extra power supplies. Since we have multiple connectivity methods (WAN, LAN, fiber, wireless), simplicity of the system was one of the key features of the ISONAS solution for us.
    Darren Schiltz, Director of Tech, Dickinson-Iron Int. School District
  • The ISONAS PowerNet reader is the "Swiss Army Knife of Access Control".
    David Long, Technology Director, Palestine Independent School District
  • The new cabinets were a hit with our nurses from the start. Having the patient’s medications right at the bedside has not only improved efficiency, but it has afforded us an added level of medication safety. I have seen estimates of the median compensation award for a medication error at over $600,000 per incident. That being the case, our project’s payback period could conceivably be measured in months, not years.
    Bonnie Hartley Faust, Director of Patient Care Services of Sinai Hospital
  • “A traditional panel-based access control system takes so much longer to install. Since the ISONAS system does not require a panel and since the only wiring needed is a Cat 5 cable, it is simply amazing that one guy can put together 3 or 4 doors a day instead of the usual 1 or 2. It makes us look like geniuses!”
    Jerry Vogel, Manager of Network Engineering for the City of Lynnwood, WA